Congress Topics

General Mechanics

Analytical mechanics; Stability analysis and control of body motion; Computational mechanics; Dynamical systems; Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics; Theory of mechanisms and machines; History of mechanics.

Solid Mechanics

Elasticity; Plasticity; Damage and fracture; Composite materials; Smart materials; Beams, plates and shells; Dynamics of structures; Noise and vibrations; Contact problems; Coupled fields; Impact and wave propagation; Seismic mechanics; Micro- and nano-mechanics; Design and characterization of macro-, micro- and nano-structured materials; Non-metallic composite materials; Polymer nanocomposites; Reinforced polymers, foams and recycled plastics; Fibre reinforced high-strength concrete; Self-compacting concrete; Development of composite materials and nanocomposites of controlled structure and properties.

Fluid Mechanics

Viscous fluids; Conducting and magnetic fluids; Compressible and rarefied gases; Boundary layers; Bubbles and drops; Thin films and jets; Multiphase flows; Flow in porous solids; Waves; Turbulence; Heat and mass transfer; Combustion and flames; Microfluidics; Geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics; Experimental methods in fluid mechanics, Ship hydrodynamics.


Biological flows; Mechanics of cardiovascular system; Biorheology; Molecular biomechanics; Tissue engineering; Mechanics of bones and tissues; Mechanics of cell membranes; Orthotics and prosthetics; Locomotion; Rehabilitation robotics; Human-robot interaction.